Bass Christian Elementary School

Ambassadors for Christ

Supply List - 2020

Supplies are not to be shared for safety reasons. Please make sure your child's supplies are marked with their name.

4 composition notebooks (NOT spiral bound) - 5th-8th graders should get college-ruled notebooks. 1st-4th should get wide-ruled. 1st & 2nd should get at least one of the primary composition books that have a large blank space at the top of each page.

3 two-pocket folders WITH prongs

3-5  two-pocket folders WITHOUT prongs

4+ fine point, low-odor, dry erase markers - students only need one at a time, so you may want to keep extras at home until they are needed.

(6th - 8th) Graph paper/grid paper - at least 2 packs for the year

Colored Pencils 

Hand-held pencil sharpener 

Gluesticks - 1st - 4th graders should have 10+ for the year.



Notebook paper

Ruler - Should have inches and centimeters

Bible - Pick a version you like to read and can understand. This will be our textbook for Bible class.

Pencils or pens - lower graders should have pencils

Lead refills if you use mechanical pencils

Pencil bag or pouch, zippered

Calculator - 6th-8th grade only - NOT a scientific one, just a simple one that will add, subtract, multiply, and divide. They will be allowed to use it on some math assignments.

Headphones/earphones NOT earbuds. These need to stay at school.

Backpack or Book-bag

Disinfecting wipes (Clorox, Lysol, generic)



(We will probably be requiring face shields or masks. This hasn't been decided yet, but please keep it in mind.)



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