Bass Christian Elementary School

Ambassadors for Christ

School Handbook

You may download the entire handbook here. A few of the regulations are listed below.


A student’s diet has a direct effect on his/her ability to perform well in school. Choose foods with good nutrition that are as close to their natural state as possible.

Lunches are not to contain unclean meats (as defined in Leviticus 11) or caffeinated beverages.

All silverware, plates, bowls, etc., must be provided by the student. Each student is responsible for cleaning up after themselves when they use the classroom microwave and/or the school refrigerator.

Lunches are available to be purchased each day at the academy cafeteria.


Bass Christian Elementary School requires its students to follow the following dress code, which is representative of the school's purpose. Adherence to the dress code is expected of all students at all times.  Parents will be notified if a child is out of uniform.  When a student needs to be reminded repeatedly about his or her dress, it will be assumed that he/she is not committed to the program and may be asked to withdraw from the school.  
∙    Dress must be neat, clean, and modest.
∙    No clothing allowed which is form-fitting or tight-fitting.
∙    No hats or sun glasses are allowed in the classroom.
∙    Shirts/blouses must have sleeves and cover the waist when arms are fully raised.
∙    Pants, slacks, and jeans must come to the waist–no hip huggers, sagging pants or leggings.
∙    Clothing must not have holes, tears, frayed edges, or other cuts in the material.
∙    Shoes with wheels are prohibited.
∙    Hair must be neat, clean, and of a natural color at all times. If hair becomes a problem, or causes a problem with other students, the issue will be addressed.
∙    Medical ID in the form of bracelets or pendants are permitted. All other forms of jewelry accessories including, but not limited to, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, nose rings, friendship items, or any other type of jewelry are NOT to be worn at any school function.
∙    Slogan T-shirts or undershirts are not acceptable school dress. Slogans and/or pictures on any part of the attire are not acceptable. Undershirts are to be white, with no bold print.
∙    Dress/Tennis shoes with socks must be worn at school.  No heels, flip flops, or open toed shoes.
∙    Cosmetics/Makeup:  No makeup is to be worn at school or any school function.
∙    Nail polish must be clear.  
∙    Modest, one-piece swim suits are required for girls for swimming activities. Boys must wear modest swim shorts.
∙    Lunch boxes, backpacks, and other school accessories must also be representative of the school's purpose. No cartoons, television shows, or music groups should be advertised on accessories. 

Field Trips: Appropriate attire will be determined for each field trip.

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